Sage Agasthya Agastya Muni of ancient India
  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura
  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura
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Agasthya Bharatha Kalari Siddha Marma Chikilzalayam named after the ancient practitioner of Siddha medical system Sage Agasthya, is a pioneer organization dedicated to Siddha Vaidya treatments and traditional kalarippayattu. The Siddha treatments being performed here as per the ancient thaliola scripts are proved to be effective for all sorts of pains related to back, neck, abdomen and spine. The uniqueness of our treatments is that all our treatments are being carried out by highly experienced male Kalari practitioners.

Agasthya Bharatha Kalari is one of the rare practitioners and trainers for authentic Thekken style in Kalarippayattu is popular in Kerala and other parts of the world for its strict and traditional teaching of Kalarippayattu. Ideally located in a calm and pleasant location at Kochi (formerly Cochin) in Kerala known as the Gods own Country towards the southern part of India, Agasthya Kalari is just a few minutes drive away from the Cochin International Airport, Cochin Sea Port and Railway and major Bus Stations.

Agasthya Bharatha Kalari Samgham & Siddha Marma Chikilzalayam
[ Kerala Kalarippayattu Reg: EKM/TC/154/2014 ]
Kerala Kalalayam, Tripunithura, Cochin, Kerala, India - 682301
Mobile: +91 98471 32205, 94007 85050 E-mail:

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