Vinod K.P
Doha, Qatar

I was suffering from recurring pain in the hip joint. After trying out different massage treatments, I finally got relief from the pain after Dr. Mohandas Gurukkal's treatment way back in 2009, and now in 2011. Being fully satisfied with the treatment, I have been recommending Dr. Mohandas Gurukkals's treatment to my friends in need of such treatments.

Dr. Bharat Sinh A Garasia
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Between 3rd April to 11th April 2014, I had seen number of cases with various complaints like cervical pain, back pain, knee pain, muscular sprain, post-operative complication etc. Here treatments are done by Master Mohandas Gurukkal are very effective in curing the above mentioned diseases. In the observation of treatment methods of Master Mohandas Gurukkal, I learned different types of massage methods like kizhi and Marma Chikitsa. These all are very helpful for my future practices.

Here treatments are not for earning money, but for helping the society.

Dr. R Chitra
Madras Medical College, Chennai

Best health care for the public who are in need. Agasthya Bharatha Kalari uses NO synthetic chemicals which can affect patient's health adversely. Alternative medicine can lift the health of the poor and needy if implemented in government hospitals in all the states. Very thankful to Dr Mohandas Gurukkal who is filled with dedication, humanity, ethics and always keeps a light hearted nature.

Thripunithura, Ernakulam

I was suffering from severe pain in my neck, shoulders and head due to an accident. I had undergone Ayurvedic Treatments for 18 days at a renowned treatment centre. But the pain remained as the same.When I noticed that it restricts my da-to-day activities, I decided to take a chance with Siddha Chikilsa. I was heard about Dr Mohandas Gurukkal and his Agasthya Kalari Siddha Marma Treatment centre from one of my friend. After few weeks of Marma Treatments, my neck pain was completely cured. Now I can do all my daily activities without any pain or sufferings. I personally recommend Siddha Treatments at Agasthya Bharatha Kalari Centre to all my friends who are in need.

P B Satheesan
Eroor, Tripunithura

22 years ago I had an accident and my back and knee joint were damaged. Since I was very young at that time, I did not cared much about the internal damaged that might have caused due to the incident. I had pain in the knee joints, back for quite a long time. At last I came to Dr Mohan Gurukkal's Chitsalayam and undergone kizhi, pizhichil and steam bath etc. Now the knee and back pain were gone and I feel completely rejuvenated and healthy.

R Saravanan
Villanoor, Pondicherry

Came to Dr Mohan Gurukkal for getting relief from back pain. I went through various chikitsas here and finally the back pain was almost completely cured out. The key factors in Gurukkal's treatment are good communication, excellent care, good facilities, well experienced siddha masters. I enjoyed better relief day by day.

Vijayan P N
Thiruvankulam, Kochi

I was playing Kabadi from very early age. About 28 years ago during the Kabadi game my palm had twisted. Due to this the fingers and the palm got sprain occasionally. With the Chikitsa I got from Dr Mohan Gurukkal, I now feel much relived from the pain and I express sincere gratitude for the same.

Abdul Kareem T B
Thammanam, Kochi

I had disc problems since 7 years. Consulted several doctors and all of them suggested operation. Then one of my friends suggested to visit Dr Mohandas Gurukkal's Siddha Treatment Centre as a final try before the operation. Now I am relieved from the disc problems, thank to Dr Mohan Gurukkal's Siddha treatments. And now operation is not at all needed. I am 100% satisfied with Agasthya Bharatha Kalari Treatment received.

Vinod K Pisharody

I came here to treat my recurring back and leg pain. With Dr Mohandas Gurukkal's treatments, I am completely relieved from the pain. Thank you.