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The Siddha medicine is a form of south Indian traditional medicine and part of the trio Indian medicines - Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani. The term 'Siddhi' means 'achievement' and the Siddhas were men who achieved certain results in medicine, as well as in yoga or tapas. This system of medicine was popular in ancient India, even 2000 years before Christ. Due to the antiquity of this medical system, the Siddha system of medicine is believed to be the oldest medical system in the world.

The system is believed to be developed by the Siddhas, the ancient supernatural spiritual saints of India and the Siddha system is believed to be handed over to the Siddha by the Hindu God - Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. So are the Siddhas, the followers of Lord Shiva(saivam). Siddha medicine was developed by these outstanding Siddhas. According to the scriptures, there were 18 principal Siddhas. Of these 18, Sage Agasthiya is believed to be the father of Siddha Medicine. Preparations are made mainly out of the parts of the plants and trees such as leaves, bark, stem, root etc, but include also mineral and some animal substances.

The following is the list of eighteen Siddhas

18 Sages who are considered as great Sidhhas

In Siddha, a diagnosis is made after a patient's visit and the manuscripts is referred to for the appropriate remedies which a true blue physician compounds himself or herself from thousands of herbal and herbo-mineral resources. The unique methodology of Siddha thought helped decypher many causes of disorders and the formulation of curious remedies which may sometimes have more than 250 ingredients.

Most of the practicing Siddha medical practitioners are traditionally trained in families and also by different gurus(teachers). When the guru is also a martial arts teacher, he is also known as an Assan. Practicing this special healing art from obscure clinics, they help heal many maladies which are untouched by western medicine.

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