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When we live in today's global village where any discipline seems to be explosive in nature, the experience of Marma treatment is unique and something more than a tradition. It is enduring human wisdom that would mould the human culture and life today and tomorrow as its history depicts. Then the question may be asked. Why Marma Treatment?

Marma Chikilsa is a science of life in its entirety, primarily focusing on leading a healthy life. The definition of health according to this method of treatment encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual planes of life. It has a systematized body of knowledge on effective therapies. Amidst the thrust of high-tech medical proficiencies, Marma Treatment keeps its pace in a steady manner. Over the millennia, it has survived purity and integrity, unlike many other science of the day. Being on the stepping stone to twenty first century, one should come closer to this system of medicine and exoperience what it has to offer in the field of health and healthcare.

  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura
  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura
  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura
  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura
  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura
  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura
  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura
  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura
  • Agasthya Kalari, Tripunithura

Marma chikilsa, has the solid conceptual foundations, which never contradicts the natural laws, there can be no existence for the science, if it confronts with the nature, as we come across the current medical streams of the east and the west. Putting in the framework and outfit of science, Marma Chikilsa satisfies all the criteria like definitions, critical observations, authenticity, statistical generation, explanations of body phenomena, qualification, validity, reliability, repeatability etc.

The Marma treatment identifies the vital nodal points (marmas) in the body (107 of them in all) for suitable pressing and nudging to correct muscular and neurological problems.


Kizhi is a cloth pouch filled with medicine, heated in boiled oil, is applied on the body. The Kizhi is useful in removing swells and for the treatment of rheumatism, back pain etc. The name of the Kizhi is in accordance with the medicines used in it namely Njavarakizhi, Elakizhi, Podikizhi, Mamsakizhi etc.


Dhara is a method of treatment by pouring warm medicated oil on different parts of the body and head using a particular equipment. Dhara is divided into three in accordance with the part of the body where the treatment is done.

"Moordhania Dhara" (Dhara done on head)
"Sarvanga Dhara" (on the whole body)
"Ekanga Dhara" (on any particular part of the body)
Moordhania Dhara is a treatment for diseases of head, eye, nose, ear and face and also for some particular types of rheumatism.
Sarvanga Dhara gives relief from body ache, sprain etc. It is also done for body rejuvenation.
Ekanga Dhara is performed on particular parts of the body for getting relief from body aches, sprains etc.

The name of the Dhara varies according to the medicine used. 'Thakra Dhara' (using Butter milk). 'Ksheera Dhara' (using milk) and 'Sneha Dhara'(using Ghee, Oils etc) are some of them.


Pizhichil is similar to Dhara, but no equipments are used. It is done by hand.


In this unique system of treatment we do not use any internal medicines. The usual period of treatment is around 14 days and the progress is visible even from the third day.

We are proud to announce that we have completely cured a number of ill-in-bed patients, suffering from severe back pain. Most of them approached us after undergoing many other systems of treatments for years.

We also have a unique system of treatment for fracture and dislocation of bones.

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