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Agasthya Kalri for siddha treatments kerala
Specialist in the ancient South Indian Siddha Marma Treatments, Dr. Mohan Gurukal promises full recovery from ailments like paralysis, musculo-skeletal, cervical and disc problems.

Dr. Mohan Gurukal treats a patientKerala is the famed land where Sage Agasthya was settled in a mountain called Agasthyakoodam according to the ancient Hindu mythology. He is believed to be the founder of a unique medical system, in fact the mother of all medical systems - the Siddha Medicine. Siddha knowledge is passed directly from guru to disciple. The ideal way to keep fit is through a disciplined life-rising early, eating nutritious food and exercising regularly.

Agasthya Bharatha Kalari Marma Chikilsalayam is located in Eroor, with branch in Tripunithura - the Royal City. With his decades of Kalari treatment experience, Dr. Mohan Gurukal conducts all the Siddha treatments and massages to the patients. He has got the support from a dedicated team of Kalari experts who are traditionally practicing Kalari and Siddha system of medicine. People who are suffering from aliments like cervical spondylitis, skeleto-muscular pains, rheumatic lumbar, severe back pain, slip disc and even paralysis approached Dr. Mohan Gurukal as a last resort and all of them get the relief they wanted.

Dr. Mohan Gurukal treats a patientThere are ten vital points where one can feel the prana concentration. The pranic blocks in these channels can occur due to accidental hits and are cured by Addangal or the retrieval method unique to Siddha. Each patient is carefully diagnosed by Dr. Mohan Gurukal and as per that a treatment plan is proposed. The unique approach in Agasthya Bharatha Kalari is that all the massaging and treatments are being carried out by expert men having decades of experience in conducting Marma chikilsa. No women are allowed to perform massage or therapies on patients. For the treatments rare herbs are collected from un-polluted forest. Medicines are prepared as per the Siddha scriptures which may include Mamsa(meat with a medicinal value) which is different from Ayurveda.

In Siddha massage, the 72,000 nadis or nerves/pulse (as revealed by ancient texts) are relaxed one by one and adjusted. On the eighth day a purgative is administered. This induces evacuation, and helps in cleaning the system. On the ninth day marma treatment is given at painful points to relocate the nerves. This may include Chavittuthirummu(foot massage) which is the most effective massaging system. Thereafter, bundle treatment is given-in which leaves of medicinal plants are boiled in oil, then placed in a muslin cloth and used for massage. Even after the massage, the patient is advised complete rest and applies oil before bath for three hours everyday.

Tourist spots around Agasthya KalariThough Siddha treatments can be conducted as and when the necessity arrives, it is believed that the best time to visit Agasthya Bharatha Kalari for this cure is during monsoons (June to November), which is the most ideal time period for rejuvenation. The pores of the body open up due to atmospheric moisture and medicinal oils are absorbed faster by the skin. Unlike allopathy, in Siddha the physician lays stress on the patient's constitution, environment and diet.

Agasthya Siddha & Kalari treatment centre is ideally placed amidst several mind soothing tourist places in Kerala, some of them are located in the cool hill tops of Western Ghats while others are on the pristine beaches. Foreigners and people especially from Northern parts of India are combining their Siddha & Ayurvedic treatments with various sight seeing programmes. Tourist packages are tailor made to give them a rejuvenated body, mind and soul.

So get ready to experience the ultimate healing system - Siddha - the mother of all medical systems.

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